Monday, September 10, 2012

Now I Know ^_^

Hi there!

It was August 11, 2011 when I signed up for blog because our editor-in-chief required all staffers to have. But see, I only posted one. And it's not good, I know. Ewh! I get jealous when I read some bloggers first-class (haha!) posts.

My reasons why I am not updating this blog more than a year ago are:
  • I don't know to use computer well (I don't even know how to capitalize letters, copy and paste). :(
  • I admit I'm ignorant on Social Networking (wala eto sa buked namen 'te).
  • I don't know what to post.
  • I hate my blog template. It sucks!!
...but now that I already know how to use this, you should be updated for my posts. Haharrr!!

Happy rainy Monday.

Anne ^_^


Noblesse Key said...

I LOVE YOU MEI ANNE! There! I really like the vulgarity and honesty. You could be an amazing blogger, I'm sure of it. Keep updating this blog of yours. Keep the honesty, it is important here in the blogosphere. I am really happy to see you here :)

Mary Grace Bornales said...

Go go mei ann, .You have an inspiration na to update your blogs always. . .

anne fiLan said...

..thank you nong Ken. I miss you ... so much :)

Keep safe!!

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