Monday, September 10, 2012

I Miss my Madam

We meet when we have time and money. Yeah, money. If I don't have, no meeting happen since our boarding house is miles away in our "meeting place". Rizal statue in Quezon Park, Dumaguete City, it is.

This is Rizal statue in Quezon Park. Our loud laughs give life to this obra. CHARR!!

This how it looks in full View.

Know what we're doing?

Sit. Eat. Talk. Laugh. Share crazy thoughts, confidential experiences. Tsismis sa ga agi.

Madam's Status:
She is Ma. Shana Babon Cimafranca. 17. 1-year-3-month-19-day lover (kunoh?). Vivacious. Charming. Clever. Hilarious. And CUTE. Yes, she is. Cute when she smiles. Really (really madam, no joke!). But I have not told this to her (baka maging overconfident ang lola). haha!

See? Cute naman talaga dba?

She's photogenic too but camera's lenses actually deceiving you. She's not beautiful in person. Don't bother to meet her, you won't be satisfied and say "I'm right."
Shana: Madam kita ta?
Mei: Wen?
Shana: now
Mei: Wer?
Shana: Rizal.

She's the one invited me yet the one who is late, late most of the time. (Rolling eyes.) Tsk!

During our Interpersonal Relationship.

Gi.uwat ra mi but still, we preserved the prettiness.

...Ga emote

 Going Home. We are so lovely. Hahaha!! yaw na 'ek.

Evaluation time.

Uwat pud.

Huhu!! Truly.

I  miss you Madam. Hehe!! That is the purpose of this post. Mwuaah!

I love her.

Madam, if you read this post just mind the I miss you thing. Let others idea fly together with air.
I LOVE YOU Madam. I miss you so much.

Madam (^_^)


CheeNee said...

hi napadaan lang din si palaka.. advance happy bday..:)

anne fiLan said...

..thank you! :) hoping this morning when I go home, it is a nice day.

JonDmur said...

Napadaan lang din ako.... ganda ng blog mo... okay ang design...

Cute naman ang mga pics.... mukhang enjoy na enjoy kayo ^__^

keep on posting ^^

Anonymous said...

cute pictures! :)
hope you're having a great day!

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